Governing Council

2023-2024 Council Members


Chair, Juliana Dean

Co-chair, Jason Thomas

Secretary, Meredith McConnell

Cassie Fincher

Emily Valentine

Johnny Taylor

Addi Vandergriff

Bunny Winter

Meeting Dates

Thursday, 9/14/23 - 11:15 AM Minutes

Thursday, 11/30/23 - 11:15 AM

Thursday, 1/25/23 - 11:15 AM

Thursday, 3/28/23 - 11:15 AM

Thursday, 5/9/23 - 11:15 AM


Recognizing the need to increase student achievement through academic and organizational innovation by encouraging local school systems to utilize the flexibility of a performance-based contract called a charter, the establishment of engaged and successful School Governing Councils will further support the Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs of the White County School System (or “WCSS”).


“To Know, Value and Inspire Every Child”

The mission of the White County School System, in partnership with parents and the community, is to promote quality lifelong learning and to foster productive citizenship in a safe and caring environment.

The White County Board of Education will:

1. Provide leadership that leads to improved academic achievement.

2. Provide leadership in the engagement of the White County community in providing input to and support for the White County School System.

3. Provide leadership by supporting the hiring of highly effective teachers and staff members and ensuring that those individuals are given the tools, professional development, and support needed to be successful.

4. Provide leadership in developing a budget that leads to financial stability for the school system today and for the future.

5. Provide leadership in assuring that all White County graduates are prepared to be successful in college, the workforce, and/or military service.


The White County School System will continuously strive to improve through individual and combined efforts in academic achievement, citizenship, and personal and global growth.


The values of the White County School System are:

1. Focus on the child
2. Highly effective teaching
3. Excellence
4. Integrity
5. Equity
6. Respect and caring
7. Health and safety


The beliefs of the White County School System are:

1. Every child can receive a quality education in a safe and caring environment.
2. Every adult in every school encourages the intellectual, physical, emotional, aesthetic, and social development of students.
3. Good discipline is expected to maximize student learning.
4. Instructional strategies and differentiated instruction are key elements in meeting the needs of all.
5. Community and parent involvement and financial support are essential elements for the successful operation of schools.
6. The societal and governmental changes that impact the school system must be addressed proactively.
7. Students have an innate desire for learning, and schools are responsible for encouraging and enabling them to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society.
8. The use of technology is recognized as an essential skill in a global society.
9. Technology is a major vehicle for imparting knowledge and is a major component of the instructional programs in our schools.
10. The educational process provides for assessing, evaluating, developing, and implementing a quality school program.
11. The curriculum is broad, rigorous, and meets the needs of all students.
12. The school system recruits, develops, and retains highly effective and qualified personnel.
13. A comfortable, attractive, and well-maintained environment is conducive to learning.
14. The arts are languages everyone speaks that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness.

As is required by the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the management and control of public schools shall be the responsibility of the local board of education. The school leader shall be the principal who is ultimately responsible for school operations and improving student achievement. Each member of the School Governing Council shall be accorded the respect and attention deserving of their position.

For more information, please contact Juliana Dean at [email protected]